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Uh-Oh Moments

uhoh momentI gave up a rewarding job to make my spouse’s dream possible. Now, I have to restart my career and I’m not sure how. 


I thought this was supposed to be a promotion but I’m still making copies and taking lunch orders!


This place depended on me to make a difference for ten good years and now I’m expendable?


I told them when I took the VP Marketing & Sales job that marketing was not my strong suit.


You’ve seen these quotes throughout the site. Career Edge One calls them Uh-Oh Moments. Unfortunately these moments are varied and all too frequent. Sometimes the impact lasts only a short while, sometimes a lifetime. Sometimes it only impacts your personal life. Sometimes your professional life as well. But, when it comes to career setbacks, we all  have them and we think we’ll never survive. But, what choice do we have?


When it comes to your professional or career Uh-Oh Moments, Career Edge One helps you do more than survive. The company will show you how to thrive! If you’re dissatisfied with your job, disillusioned with your career or need to re-invent yourself and get back into the workforce, Career Edge One has a process in place to help you prioritize your goals, compete with any job seeker out there and get back on the path leading to career satisfaction.


But, Uh-Oh Moments don’t just happen to individuals. They happen to companies as well. A new competitor threatens to steal market share, a high revenue producer quits, declining profits force a downsizing . . . all these are corporate Uh-Oh Moments. Career Edge One has the talent and experience to help here as well. From leadership training to outplacement services and HR consulting, the company helps you overcome these temporary business setbacks.


Career Edge One invites you to share your own Uh-Oh Moment and help others realize that they are not alone. It can be anything from a minor mishap to a major catastrophe. Whether you’re an individual challenged by the loss of a job or a company suffering from growing pains, your story will help inspire others and by the simple telling of it, help you as well.


With your permission, Career Edge One will share your Moment with others visiting this site. The company promises to keep your name confidential. For credibility, your Moment will be identified by your first name and last initial only.


Thank you and hopefully you’ve taken some solace from the Uh-Oh Moments others have shared. And if you’re experiencing one now, take two aspirin and call Career Edge One in the morning.

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